Science Fair Project

Looking for a great idea for a science fair project?

You’ve got a couple of choices for taking content from Newton’s Apple and using it for a science fair.

First, visit the Newton’s Science Try-Its page. These simple demonstrations are not quite science fair projects as they are presented here, but each could easily be turned into one. For example, consider this Try-It:

Sprinkle pepper all over the top of the water image

TRY IT! Pepper It Up!

Fill a dish with water. Sprinkle pepper all over the top of the water. Put several drops of dish detergent into the center of the dish.

What happens to the pepper?

Is the same thing happening over the whole surface of the water, or just in the middle?

You’ll have to try it!

To make this into a science fair project, ask this question: Which kinds of liquids make the pepper scatter, and which kinds don’t? Build your investigation around this question. Try lots of liquids, and try to find something that the “active” liquids have in common, and that distinguishes them from “inactive” liquids.

Second, each of the main lessons can also serve as the starter of an excellent science fair project. Go to the Lessons page, use the index to look for your favorite topic, then look at the end of the lesson for ideas of things you can try. Again, build a question around the topic that let’s you do lots of investigation.

Finally, look for more ideas for science fair projects by visiting DragonflyTV’s website. Give the Super Science Spinner a spin, or simply browse the topics. See how other kids investigated cool science questions, and consider trying one of those questions for yourself!